Hurray Hurray I reach 2K ♪♫

Hello my friends as you can see I’ve got a milestone with having over 2 thousand Tumblr users following me.
I am litterally a no one in a big city I have like 10 friends and I could never imagine that 2 thousand people from all over the world would follow my blog! You guys are just amazing ! I made i little edit of Ichigo representing  his fathers Engetsu power(well thats my interpretation) and I also did a Followforever. May you search for a blog .. all of them are awesome ! 
But first i want to thank two people my Sensei in mangacaps: ♥mrsjblack ♥ I love you. And my best friend :♥ fleurdelaluna ♥ I love you too bakaaa.
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Thank y’all !!




"Good-bye Sensei..." 

don’t stop, can’t stop

Changes of some Bleach characters over the covers.

The ability to feel pain, is important for a living thing. We all live our lifes in troublesome meachine in one way or another, sometimes they leak oil. When that happens let it all out, if it doesn’t stop then we’ll help you clean it.

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Inspired by: theakatsuki